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CC: Vanderbilt’s Christian Communities!

Jul. 15, 2017—Every Christian ministry is full of people searching too, and each ministry is loving and accepting. Find out more about them through the links in this post!

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CC: Navigators (Navs!)

Jul. 15, 2017—"Now I have a really dope community of strong men and women, who are wiling to help me keep my eyes on Jesus Christ."

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Jul. 15, 2017—apriSun, the 208 parties, the swing dancing... everything.

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Navs Fall Conference

Oct. 20, 2013—I was super excited for fall break this year because I went on Navs Fall Conference and got to see a lot of people from the program (STP) I did over the summer. Normally, Fall Conference is just a random weekend in the fall and we travel down on Friday. Since it was over fall break this year, over 120 people from Vandy Navs headed down on Thursday to enjoy the outdoors.

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Busy Busy Busy

Feb. 18, 2013—I haven't had much time to blog lately because I've been so busy with class and activities. Here's a peak into what I've been up to.

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You always have fun on retreat…

Sep. 9, 2012—One of the best parts about starting each new semester at Vandy is that you have the possibility to go on retreat with your different student organizations. This weekend, I got to go with my Navigators’ bible study group!

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