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Three ways to apply.

You may apply through the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success; the Common Application; or QuestBridge*. Choose the application system that is right for you - we do not prefer one over the others. Do not submit an application through more than one system. Choose one application, and submit all required materials through that method. Please note that applicants to Blair must also complete a music resume and submit forms for two music teacher recommendations via the Blair Acceptd application.

*Because of Blair’s audition timeline, students applying through the QuestBridge National Match program may not select Blair as their first-choice school.

Note:  Students who are penalized for meaningful, peaceful participation in demonstrations will not be negatively impacted in our admissions process merely because they participate in such activities. Read our full statement on peaceful demonstrations.

Can't visit campus right now?
Try the next best thing—a virtual tour led by current Vanderbilt students.