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Busy Busy Busy

Posted by on Monday, February 18, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

I haven’t had much time to blog lately because I’ve been so busy with class and activities. Here’s a peek into what I’ve been up to.

  • Alpha Chi Omega. As a new member, we have weekly meetings where we learn all about the sorority. There have also been plenty of events including Big/Little Reveal, our first date party last Friday with the theme Alpha Chi O’Merica, and there is initiation next Sunday!
  • Ultimate Frisbee. In the spring, frisbee ramps up because there are more important tournaments. Last weekend we had a mini tournament against USN (a private high school across the street from Vandy) and Western Kentucky. The weather was beautiful and it was so much fun to play again. We have three practices a week, which is definitely manageable.
  • Class. Oh yeah, the reason we’re all here! Last week I had three tests in Finance, Biomaterials, and BME Statistics. As an engineer, most of my classes have weekly homework, which keeps me busy, along with just staying on top of the material. I’ve also been busy with circuits lab, where we make actual circuits with resistors, and bio lab, where we dissected a cow eye last week.
  • The Navigators. Navs is a Christian ministry that meets once a week for worship and bible study. It’s only been on campus for four years now, but it has grown to be quite large. I love going every week and I’ve met a lot of my close friends there.
  • VSVS. This is the third semester I’ve done VSVS, which is a huge organization that sends teams to middle schools all over Nashville to teach science lessons. The goal is to show students that science is fun and to hopefully get them to pursue the sciences in college. For many students, this is the first time they have done science experiments.
  • WO Smith lessons. I also volunteer to teach flute lessons to kids once a week, which has been really fun and rewarding. One of my students I’ve had for three semesters now, so it’s been neat to see how she’s grown as a flute player.
I would be so disorganized without Google Calendars.

Overall, I’ve been busy, but I really enjoy all of the activities that I’m involved in. Finding the perfect balance of school and activities can be hard, but it’s definitely possible!

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