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Thank you, Dean Wcislo!

Mar. 27, 2015—Vanderbilt gives its students so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. While the most obvious ones are academics and extra-curricular activities, Vandy also offers you the chance to develop deep and meaningful relationships with your professors. VUcept, which pairs first-years with a faculty VUceptor, is another great away of getting to know your...

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Sami Reads the Viewbook

Dec. 12, 2014—Now that I’ve been home for almost a week with no schoolwork (wait, what?), and have been trapped inside by a lovely and uncharacteristic California rainstorm, I’ve starting coming up with some pretty nerdy ways to entertain myself. And I missed my Vanderbilt so much that I decided to dig up the viewbook they sent...

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Blair Salon Series: Singer-Songwriter Night

Jan. 18, 2014—This is my second time attending the Blair Salon Series at Dean Wcislo’s House. This particular Friday night was just as wonderful, and perhaps even better, than last time. When I attended in October last semester, the theme of the evening was “fairy tales,” including a piece from the musical “Into the Woods.” Tonight’s theme...

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The Art of Patronage: The Musical Edition

Oct. 18, 2013—This event, for two hours on Friday night, marks the first night of the Blair Salon Series, a program successfully piloted last year. Around 30 people gathered at Dean Wcislo's house––performers, professors, and students from every college––for an evening of chamber music. The music was centered on fairy tales, partly as foreshadowing for the upcoming production of "Into the Woods" by Vanderbilt Opera, and partly as celebration of quirky, wonderful feats of imagination.

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Guest Blog: Blair Salon Series

May. 1, 2013—At least once a month, Dean Wisclo, the Dean of the Commons who literally lives on the Commons, hosts "Dinner at the Dean's Residence." My friend Matt Lammers, a violinist, thought, why not bring Blair to the Commons? Here's his take on founding an initiative called the "Blair Salon Series":

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The Write Stuff

Apr. 15, 2013—Before I admit that this super creative title was actually stolen from the company that made school supply packs for my elementary school, I have to apologize for not getting anything up here in a while. I’ve been SUPER busy with a whole bunch of things, including, but not limited to: doing my Econ homework,...

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