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Posted by on Monday, April 15, 2013 in College Life, Communications, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, Nashville, Student Life.

Before I admit that this super creative title was actually stolen from the company that made school supply packs for my elementary school, I have to apologize for not getting anything up here in a while. I’ve been SUPER busy with a whole bunch of things, including, but not limited to: doing my Econ homework, competing in Derby Days with my sisters, picking acts for Music Group’s Battle of the Bands and doing a ton of writing for the Vanderbilt Hustler, our student newspaper. While most of these were fun, (if it weren’t for Econ, that ‘most’ would’ve been an ‘all’) I’d have to say that in the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed my assignments for the Hustler most of all.

Writing for school newspapers and in general has always been something I’ve liked to do, and between this blog, classwork and articles for the Hustler, I’ve gotten to do a lot of it this semester.

In the past year my articles have brought me to some cool places and let me get to know some really amazing people. I thought I would share some of my favorite experiences reporting this year with you guys:

  • Got pretty artsy on Instagram with this one. Regardless of what this picture indicates, the show actually had lights.

    Grouplove concert preview: This concert preview was a really short article that ran a few days before Grouplove’s show at the Cannery Ballroom this fall. The article itself wasn’t super important— it was short and sweet, and only required a little research and listening on my part— but believe me when I say that writing it paid off. The group’s publicist left 2 tickets in my name at will call, so for writing one 300-word article I got to spend a night listening to great music at an awesome venue with one of my best friends. Free concert tickets are one of the best perks of writing for the Life section, and getting to check out the music scene around Nashville isn’t so bad either.

  • The Dean’s list: A conversation with Dean Wcislo: As dean of the Commons, Dean Wcislo isn’t really an uncommon sight for freshman, but getting to know such an important guy can be hard, especially if you’re shy. But, as I found out, Dean Wcislo is the last person in the world to be shy around. I got to talk to him for a little bit back in January, and got some valuable advice for taking on the new semester that would definitely be worth checking out for any incoming freshmen out there.
  • This was my first college cover story/ the picture my parents got of it via text message.

    Jennifer, I need you for my touring band: I’ve always had really cool teachers, and the ones here at Vanderbilt are no different. In addition to being incredibly intelligent and accomplished, professors here are some of the most interesting people around, and Professor Gunderman, the subject of this article, is no exception. Professor Gunderman teaches Music Literature classes through the Blair School of Music and her courses are some of the most popular throughout campus. Students need to wait a year to take classes with her, though, because she’s spending this summer and a good part of the 2013-2014 school year touring with Sheryl Crow! I’m trying to catch the show when Professor Gunderman heads up to Chicago this summer with the band, and I know I’ll be one of the first ones enrolled for her classes as soon as she’s back on campus.

  • Michael Pollack’s ‘State of Mind’: This Vanderbilt freshman has been getting a lot of press after his impromptu performance with Billy Joel at a concert he gave at Vanderbilt back in January. It was so cool getting to know a student with so much buzz and hearing about his experiences becoming a viral video sensation, going on the Today Show, dealing with the press and pursuing his music dreams while balancing life at Vanderbilt. He keeps me believing that Vanderbilt students can do it all.

I’ve had so much fun going to the events and getting to know the people I’ve written about this year. As tough as deadlines are, and as much work as it is to add another thing to my to-do lists, my first year at Vanderbilt definitely wouldn’t have been as special without my experience at the Hustler, and I think the same can be said by a lot of students who find the right stuff for them here on campus.

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