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‘Writing Studio’

Preparing for Senior Year

May. 1, 2019—I just finished my last exam for this semester, which makes me officially a senior at Vanderbilt! (Did I get anxiety writing this? Absolutely.) While I am excited to begin my last year at Vanderbilt, I am also a little nervous about what lies ahead. However, Vanderbilt offers many resources on campus to help with...

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Building Skills Outside Your Academic Comfort Zone

Jul. 17, 2017—Have you ever wondered how English majors are such great writers, how Chemistry majors understand all those reactions, or how Human & Organizational Development majors all seem to be able to ace any presentation? As a neuroscience major, I have always been insanely impressed by my friends who are majoring in the humanities. My best...

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The Write Way

Mar. 27, 2015—My personal experiences with college writing (and why you should go to the Writing Studio).

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The Five Stages of Finals

Dec. 10, 2014—You may have heard about the different stages of grief. Here are my stages for Finals week.

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A ‘First’ Class Semester

Nov. 26, 2014—As this semester draws to a close—and before the hurricane of finals week arrives—I thought it would be a good idea to tell y'all about my classes at Vanderbilt as well as the amazing professors I have had the pleasure of learning from.

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The Writing Studio

Apr. 11, 2012—As a student in the College of Arts and Science, I am required to complete at least three writing based courses throughout my four years at Vanderbilt. One of these requirements is a First Year Writing Seminar. It might sound boring, but the topics are actually very interesting (For example, my class is about Disney!)....

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