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Preparing for Senior Year

Posted by on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Academics, Campus resources, College Life.

I just finished my last exam for this semester, which makes me officially a senior at Vanderbilt! (Did I get anxiety writing this? Absolutely.) While I am excited to begin my last year at Vanderbilt, I am also a little nervous about what lies ahead. However, Vanderbilt offers many resources on campus to help with your post-graduation plans.

Career Center

Vanderbilt’s Career Center allows you to make appointments to get assistance with applying to graduate school, apply for post-grad jobs, and applying for fellowships. In addition, you can receive help with resumes and cover letters. If you aren’t comfortable with interviews, the Career Center will even allow you to schedule a mock interview with them so that you are fully prepared for the real interview when it arrives!

Writing Studio

The Writing Studio on campus offers appointments all year long, even during the summer. You can either schedule an in-office appointment or virtual appointment. The Writing Studio can assist you with essays for various post-grad programs, personal statements, and scholarships.

Even though I am anxious about applying for graduate school and post-grad jobs, some of this anxiety will definitely be relieved through these on-campus resources. If you have questions about my upcoming senior year, feel free to email me at

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