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‘Transfer Orientation’


Sep. 23, 2017—Each year, more than 200 new faces enter Vanderbilt’s campus who are not freshmen. They may be sophomores, they may be juniors, or they may have yet to determine the number of semesters needed to fulfill their degree–we are the bold, the brave, the transfer students. I transferred to Vanderbilt three years ago, somewhere in...

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Ins and Outs of Transfer Student Orientation

Apr. 10, 2017—This just in — the new Transfer Student Leaders (TSLs) have been selected for the fall semester! This dynamic and dedicated group includes 19 newbies and 7 returners. These students are the primary pioneers to help design and execute Transfer Orientation, as well as guide a group of new transfer students through their first months acclimating to...

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Transfer Orientation: Part 3

Oct. 9, 2016—An outline of transfer orientation!

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Transfer Q&A

Apr. 18, 2016—Thinking about transferring? I can help answer your questions!

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Transfer Orientation: Part 2

Oct. 6, 2015—The beginning of my junior year started with Transfer Orientation... again. But this time, I was a Transfer Student Orientation Leader!

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On Transferring-Part 2

Feb. 25, 2014—So you want to transfer to VU, round 2.

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