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On Transferring-Part 2

Posted by on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 in Academics, Admissions, College Life, General Information, Student Life, Studying, Traditions.

Hello everyone!

So second semester senior year has gotten the best of me, hence my lack of blogs recently. Last year I wrote a piece called “On Transferring” which laid out some reasons to transfer to Vanderbilt. This piece is going to focus on some of the reasons as to why the transfer experience is fun, unique, and easy!

The first thing that makes transferring to Vanderbilt fun, unique and easy is the Transfer Orientation, which last for about a week. As a transfer student, you will most likely move into Vanderbilt the weekend before classes start for orientation. You will be given a “connectdore” who is your orientation leader during this week. Most connectdores transferred to Vanderbilt in years prior, so it is really nice having someone who has gone through the process to help you along during your first few days. There are lots of activities throughout the week just for transfer students to get to know each other, like a transfer BBQ, a fancy party at the parthenon, and my year we went bowling! Transfer students are also invited to a lot of activities with the freshman class (who have their own separate orientation at the same time) such as the student org fair, the Spotlight performing arts showcase concert, and of course VPB Palooza! What is also nice about the transfer orientation is that they make an effort to bring in as many different offices around campus to explain the resources and activities they offer. For example, the Global Education Office will discuss studying abroad, the greek life office will talk about joining a greek organization, and vandy dining will come in and talk about the meal plan and how it works, etc. That way, transfers get a sense of the ins-and-outs of campus before classes even begin.

What is really great about transferring to Vanderbilt as well is that you will be integrated with non-transfer students in your residence hall. There is no specific “transfer” dorm, where only transfer students are placed. This way, transfer students live along side transfer students and non-transfer students, so they can integrate themselves into the community fairly easy. When I transferred, I would say that half of my hall was transfer students and half were not, making for a nice balance.

Finally, what is nice about the transfer experience is that you can make it your own. What I mean by that is that some students choose to attend all the events, some choose to attend none, and most choose to attend a mix of things based off their interest. Those in charge of the transfer orientation process recognize and understand that all transfer students are not freshman, and so they don’t need their hands to be held like freshmen do (sorry future VU frosh, just the reality of it). So as a transfer, its really up to you how you let your orientation experience go! Personally, during my orientation I just tried to attend as many events as possible. Not even because I was necessarily interested in attending every event, but I just wanted to meet as many people as possible! But because I took advantage of all of the social and informational activities and events happening during orientation, I was able to meet a ton of people and have a very positive transfer experience.

If you are thinking about coming to Vanderbilt as a transfer student, I promise your experience will go smoothly and in no time you’ll be bleeding black and gold!


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