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Why Vanderbilt: Transfer Students (Part III)

Posted by on Friday, January 31, 2020 in Academics, Admissions, Campus resources, College Life, Culture, Diversity, Extracurriculars, Professors, Student Life, Studying.

Tomorrow, we will embrace the second month of 2020 with the leap day. The deadline of transfer application is getting closer. I hope the following Why Vanderbilt responses will be helpful to transfer applicants. Enjoy.

I. A Junior’s Response

  • Hometown: China

“This is my second year at Vanderbilt. Before transferring to Vanderbilt, I was looking for a school that could offer me diverse opportunities, resources, and attention. Vanderbilt has various majors and students here are encouraged to take courses from all kinds of fields. My current major and my dream job both require creativity and inspiration. I always believe that a diverse background is the origin of new insights and ideas, and Vanderbilt has given me such a pleasant environment to fulfill my expectation.

In addition, I was in a public school before, and I felt so detached from the rest of the school. At Vanderbilt, however, I am well informed and involved in programs and activities and can meet so many amazing people on campus.”

Beautiful trees on campus

II. A Senior’s Response

“I chose Vanderbilt because I wanted a school that valued community. Every day, I see familiar faces around campus (unintentionally), and I am comforted by how thoughtful and friendly my peers are.

I also wanted a school that was more academically rigorous and one in which I could develop relationships with professors, but not an environment that was cut-throat. When I visited Vandy, I remember the tour guide emphasizing a culture of collaboration but not (intense) competition. Those two seemed mutually exclusive. But I have found it to be sincerely true at Vanderbilt. Every person I interact with is passionate, driven, and intelligent, and also willing to lend a hand, study together, or share advice. I have never felt like I need to compete for test scores or GPAs.

Finally, I didn’t want to be one in a handful of transfer students. Vanderbilt is unique in that around 200 transfer students are accepted each year, and all participate in a 3-day orientation program.

Overall, I am so happy with my decision to matriculate here. Anchor down! ”

This post is the concluding piece of the series in Spring 2020. I have learned a lot from interviewees. If you want to know more about transfer students’ views of Vanderbilt, I encourage you to read over Part I and Part II. In addition, rest well and stay warm (好好休息,注意保暖). 

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