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Transfer Orientation: Part 3

Posted by on Sunday, October 9, 2016 in College Life, General Information, Student Leadership, Student Life, Traditions.

Last year, I wrote a blog about being a transfer orientation leader, which can be found here, but I didn’t talk about what the schedule was like.  I was a transfer orientation leader again this year, so I wanted to use this blog post to outline the schedule and highlight the major changes that were made to the program.

Friday, August 19th: This year, move-in was moved to the Friday before classes started.  Each orientation group consisting of around 12-13 students met that night for dinner.  My group went to Chili’s!

Saturday, August 20th: The students and family welcome BBQ was moved to lunch and a guided tour of campus was moved to right after.  My friend, who is an actual tour guide, helped me out with this.  At night, we went to the Adventure Science Center, where we had catered Moe’s for dinner and saw a laser light show.  This was pretty cool and was new for this year.

Sunday, August 21st:  We had lunch with our groups and had presentations for anchor link, which is a website that is used to track clubs and student involvement, and Greek life in the afternoon.  At night, we had Founder’s Walk, a welcome to Vanderbilt tradition for all new students, followed by a post-Founder’s Walk picnic.

My orientation group before Founder's Walk!

Monday, August 22nd: This was an educational day with presentations on the Vanderbilt student conduct and student expectations, meal plan, haven (sexual assault), and the student health and psychological counseling center all afternoon.  The honor code signing, another Vanderbilt tradition, was later that day and required formal attire.  Dinner was served right after.  Later that night, we went to the student rec for some bowling and basketball.

Tuesday, August 23rd: Students had academic advising meetings based on schools (Arts and Science, Peabody, Engineering, or Blair).

Wednesday, August 24th: The start of classes.

Transfer orientation always goes by so quickly, but it is a great way for transfer students to meet new people.  If you have any questions about transferring to Vanderbilt, please let me know!

All of these guys transferred the same year that I did. I met most of them during transfer orientation. This photo was taken at the beginning of this year. It's crazy that we're seniors now.


-Jeff Yung

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