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An End to 4 Years of Football

Dec. 1, 2014—With Vanderbilt’s last game of the season against Tennessee, it capped the last football game of my undergraduate career. Sure, by the end of the Tennessee game, I was bitter that we had not finished the season with a win, losing by a narrow margin of 7 points. But, it was time for the season...

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A Difficult Transition

Sep. 10, 2014—There’s a burning sensation in my heart and I don’t think its because I just took a Biochemistry exam. No, this is the kind of heartache that you go to see a cardiologist about. These deep pains originate from the one thing I love: Vanderbilt Football. The past two weeks have been rough. Actually, calling...

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Its Spring Time

Apr. 14, 2014—There is only one proper way to know if it truly is Spring time and it doesn't involve staring at a Grounhog to know when its time. No, there's a much better way. Spring Football. Obviously, if there is an event called SPRING football, it must signify that it is Spring time. This past weekend, we officially started Spring.

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Bouncing Back

Sep. 5, 2013—After a heart breaking loss at Dudley Stadium, I’ve finally been able to get myself together to talk about the night and reflect on the positives. If you didn’t know, Vanderbilt kicked off their football season last Thursday against the Ole Miss Rebels. It was an important game and it came right down to the...

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A brighter half

Oct. 23, 2012—The Vanderbilt Football team had a tough start to the season, however the second half of the season shows glimmers of hope in returning to a bowl game.

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New Season, New Hopes, New Dreams

Sep. 6, 2012—We're one game in and football season has officially started. Here's to a good season.

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