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If I Could Do It Again…

May. 3, 2014—Reflecting on my past three years at Vanderbilt (I’m a senior now!), this past year has definitely been the best yet.

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Performing at the Ryman

Dec. 19, 2013—My friend E. had sent me an email asking me whether I was still in Nashville on December 11-12, and due to Finals, I replied with a yes. She then asked me whether I would be interested in playing a show. Of course! I can't believe that my first ever non-classical music performance was for Andrew Peterson's show "Behold the Lamb of God"!

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The Music (Wo)man

Oct. 26, 2013—After the fun and excitement that was Commodore Quake, I was a little bummed out thinking that my music-related activities would be over for a while, but BOY was I wrong! In the last month alone I’ve been to three shows, gotten two backstage passes, interviewed four different artists, and have had tons of stuff...

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In Which Nathan and Victoria Journey to the Ryman

Jan. 25, 2013—A few mornings back at approximately 6:30, I ran through downtown Nashville by the Ryman Auditorium with a group of ROTC cadets during our Wednesday PT session. While the cold and the straight-line distance from my location to my bed would normally dishearten me, this was a notable exception. Why, Nathan? you ask, ignoring the...

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Ed Sheeran Part 2

Jan. 23, 2013—Last night, I saw Ed Sheeran in concert…again. I saw him last semester in London, and he was so good that I had to see him again at the Ryman.

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