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Why I Love Seeing so Many Vanderbilt Students on my Flight Home

Nov. 21, 2016—Every time I fly home from school for a vacation, I see so many Vanderbilt students both in the airport and, more specifically, on my flight! And this is so much fun.

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Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Dec. 3, 2014—Hello friends and Happy Thanksgiving (a little late, but at Vandy it’s always a good time to be thankful)!a

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Getting Home

Dec. 14, 2013—One thing I’ve learned in my four years of traveling back home from Nashville to Naples is that Southwest creates some weird flight patterns. Fourteen hours is quite the drive though, and since I don’t have a car, flying is generally the best option. There’s no direct flights to the airport closest to my house,...

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The Epic Airplane Saga

Nov. 26, 2013—“Houston, we have a problem.” At least, that is what I was thinking yesterday.

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A Much Needed Thanksgiving Break!

Nov. 27, 2012—Thanksgiving time is always a great break from college life where I get a chance to spend a whole week back on Long Island, putting off my worries about finals for a bit. After midterms and papers during early November, Thanksgiving break provides a much needed time to recharge. My flights for this break were...

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