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Why I Love Seeing so Many Vanderbilt Students on my Flight Home

Posted by on Monday, November 21, 2016 in College Life, General Information, Student Life, Thanksgiving Break, Travel.

Every time I fly home from school for a vacation, I see so many Vanderbilt students both in the airport and, more specifically, on my flight! And this is so much fun. You would think that after spending so much time with Vanderbilt students, when it came time for a vacation I would want to just see no one and get home as soon as possible. But there is something so fun about being on a flight with so many fellow students who are also traveling to New Jersey! It’s a good reminder of how many people from my area also decided to go to Tennessee for college (well, chose Vanderbilt anyway and that just happened to lead us all to Tennessee!) *For a breakdown of where Vanderbilt students are from across the country, click here)

When I go home from school for a break (ex. Thanksgiving Break, which I’m on right now), I miss my best friends from school, but I also miss just people from school in general. So, seeing so much Vanderbilt attire around me after I’ve left campus is comforting and also reminds me that we’ll all be back together again soon! The same goes for the way back to school from home when the break is over; although it’s always bittersweet saying goodbye to my family and my dog, seeing friends and classmates at the Newark airport also getting ready to resume life as a student at Vandy just gets me more and more excited to be back on campus.

On the topic of Vanderbilt attire (clothes, accessories, etc.), there are now so many cool options to buy when wanting to rep the ‘Dores! For example, the bookstore seemed to have really stepped up this year-I seriously can’t go there without walking out with at least two or three new tops! Additionally, students are getting creative and designing their own Vandy gear! It’s popular to take a Vanderbilt T-shirt and cut it, sew it, add a v-cut and laces, etc. to make it unique. I love that so many students have found a creative outlet that also provides us with more gear to show school spirit!

Jessica Roth '18 made an instagram account where she sells her creations called "saturdaysarefordiy" and they are seriously the coolest!

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