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Getting Home

Posted by on Saturday, December 14, 2013 in College Life, Nashville, Winter Break.

One thing I’ve learned in my four years of traveling back home from Nashville to Naples is that Southwest creates some weird flight patterns. Fourteen hours is quite the drive though, and since I don’t have a car, flying is generally the best option. There’s no direct flights to the airport closest to my house, so often I’ll have a connection.

Take, for instance, Thanksgiving break. Southwest routed me through Chicago. So I flew from Southwest Florida to Chicago then to Nashville. The fun thing about this is confusing Vanderbilt friends who see me in the airport. In Chicago, I saw fellow blogger Priyanka who commented that she didn’t realize I was from the Chicago area, to which I had to explain that I wasn’t—just stopping by en route to Nashville. From Florida.

Wintry Mix
Look at that chilly weather. Glad I'm now in 80-degree weather.

Today’s flight took me through Pittsburgh, which seems completely counterintuitive. Though I didn’t see any fellow Vandy students in the airport, I did get to witness a whole lot of snow and go through the experience of having our plane de-iced! That doesn’t ever happen when leaving Florida.

Though sometimes odd routes can be kind of a pain, it’s always nice to get at least a tiny glimpse of a new city or some different weather—and occasionally spot some other Commodores along the way! I’m flying back for next semester through Baltimore, so we’ll see how that goes!

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