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Free Food & Finals

Apr. 18, 2019—With all of the stress of finals approaching, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything happening. However, Vanderbilt does a great job of keeping students encouraged and motivated during this time of year! Here are a couple of the destress events that Vanderbilt is offering during this finals season! Stress Less Spring Fest This...

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Spring is here… for a few days

Apr. 3, 2019—The end of the year brings a tidal wave of quizzes, exams, and events, especially in the Spring semester. Many students organizations are rushing to host their big events for the year. Many students are searching for summer internships or jobs as the school year closes. It can feel like there is not a moment...

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Free Food and Finals

Dec. 17, 2017—To be completely honest, no one likes taking finals. However, Vanderbilt truly spoils us with an abundance of opportunities for students to get free food during finals week. Here are just a few of numerous free food events that I attended even though there were many, many more! Thursday, Dec. 7– All students who were...

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A Late Thanksgiving Break Post

Dec. 8, 2017—Thanksgiving Break always seems to come at the perfect time in the semester. It is a chance to de-stress for an entire week and to spend time with family and friends. Even though I had to study for an Organic Chemistry test during part of my break, I still had a fantastic time with my...

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7 Days of Blogging: The Best Ways To Destress During Finals

Nov. 20, 2017—While Thanksgiving break is far from over, I will admit that my mind has been on the finals I’ll have to take before coming home at the end of the semester. However, while it is easy for college students to get too focused on exams to prioritize their sleep, friendships, and overall wellbeing, my goal...

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Passport to Nashville Weekend

Oct. 27, 2014—At the beginning of this month I was very, very busy. With it being midterm season AND Homecoming week my weekdays were packed with lots of time spent studying, finishing projects, planning birthday surprises for friends, seeing Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!) and going to Commodore Quake. This meant carefully...

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