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Avoiding the “Sophomore Slump”

Jul. 14, 2017—Happy summer readers! With the month of July already in full swing, something has dawned on me: I will be back to Vanderbilt in just under a month. If you feel like summer is short as a high schooler, just wait until you’re in college- it flies by. Between a job at a biology laboratory,...

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Send us yo questions (yo)

Jun. 23, 2017—Email your questions about anything, because we know it all (obviously). :) Even if we don't, we can always find someone who does.

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Ins and Outs of Transfer Student Orientation

Apr. 10, 2017—This just in — the new Transfer Student Leaders (TSLs) have been selected for the fall semester! This dynamic and dedicated group includes 19 newbies and 7 returners. These students are the primary pioneers to help design and execute Transfer Orientation, as well as guide a group of new transfer students through their first months acclimating to...

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The Truth about Move-In

Mar. 15, 2017—Personally, I remember every moment of Move-In Day. This is not because it was traumatic or because it was underwhelming. I remember every detail simply because I was overwhelmed, terrified, yet excited at the same time. I remember driving into the parking lot and anxiously sitting next to the hot pink flags that represented Crawford...

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Just do… everything! Status of Everything: Almost 37.5% Completed!

Nov. 20, 2016—The crazy life of college is on hold for these moments. It’s so nice to just sit back and relax. But Sophie, you may be wondering, what do you even do at Vanderbilt? Why is your life so crazy? Well, I’m a fan of lists. So let’s break it down.

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EMAIL ME! (Seriously. Just do it!)

Nov. 19, 2016—I wrote this post because I would LOVE to answer your questions about life at Vanderbilt! My email is I know that it may seem scary to send an email into the abyss, but I am SO excited to answer any questions that you may have and I answer really, really quickly! So hit me up. Seriously.

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