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EMAIL ME! (Seriously. Just do it!)

Posted by on Saturday, November 19, 2016 in Academics, Admissions, Blair School of Music, College Life, College of Arts and Science, Commons, Creative Writing, Early Decision, Extracurriculars, Family, Freshman Life, General Information, Greek Life, Nashville, New Year, Pre-Med, Religious Life, Scholarships, Service, Student Leadership, Student Life, Student Organizations, Studying, Thanksgiving Break, Undergraduate Research.

Dear Readers,

Hello! If you clicked on my post from another link, I’ll give you a brief introduction…

My name is Sophie Druffner and I’m a sophomore at Vanderbilt! I’m a pre-med Applied Mathematics Major and Violin Performance Minor. As part of being a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar, I’m in the College Scholars program in the College of Arts and Sciences, which means I have the opportunity to take really awesome honors seminars. I’m also involved in research, the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars Council, service activities with my violin (including violin lessons and performances!), University Catholic, Sigma Phi Lambda (the Christian Sorority), Synesis (the journal of Christian thought), For All Life (the pro-life organization on campus), and the Mayfield Projects.

The middle person is me!!! Pictured with Afi & Somto, two of the faves

I wrote this post because I would LOVE to answer your questions about life at Vanderbilt! My email is In the past, I’ve been emailed about Phi Lamb, the Christian sorority, many of the Christian organizations on campus, being premed at Vandy, and the Applied Mathematics Major. Really, though, you can ask me about anything, and I can probably find an answer for you among different friends, so type away!  I know that it may seem scary to send an email into the abyss, but I am SO excited to answer any questions that you may have and I answer really, really quickly! So hit me up. Seriously.

Since writing for Inside Dores last year, I’ve met freshmen at Vandy who read my posts as high school seniors; I really can’t tell you how cool it is meeting them. Shoutout to Izzy in my bible study, Fiona, Michelle, and Haley who were considering Phi Lamb, and Susmita in CV! It’s super cool that we connected and your questions and conversations just made my day!

So yes, email me! It’s Also, check out my other posts! I’ll be writing a LOT over Thanksgiving Break, so there should be so many new ones. I can’t wait to tell y’all about my third semester at Vanderbilt.



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