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Spring 2020 Class Overview

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Time here at Vandy is flying by, so I’m making my FINAL semesterly post on the classes I have the opportunity to take here. I’m particularly excited for this semester because I’ve practically finished my courses for my majors and get to take electives for fun now that I’ve completed all of my pre-medical requirements. For those of you who have not read my posts before, I am a Neuroscience and Psychology double major on the pre-medical track with hopes of becoming a psychiatrist after graduation and medical school.


This semester, I will be taking 5 courses. The first of these is my final course for my Psychology major, and is called Principles of Experimental Design. It focuses primarily on research methods and constructing experiments, which should be cool given that I’ve done research throughout college but haven’t had the opportunity to take a course centered around research principles. Secondly, I will be taking a Women and Gender Studies course called Sex and Society. All throughout college I’ve wanted to take a WGS class, and I’m excited to finally have the opportunity (plus my roommate Maddy will be taking it with me)! I’m also taking Law, Media, and Society, a Communication Studies course completely out of my wheelhouse but that sounded super cool. Additionally, I’m taking a Classic Italian Cinema course with my friend Witt, as the two of us both love watching movies and wanted an opportunity to engage with film in a more academic setting. Finally, I’m taking Japanese Calligraphy, which only meets once a week but which has come highly recommended to me by former Vanderbilt students.


While this schedule is a bit different from past semesters in that I’m not taking any lab sciences, I can’t wait to see what I learn. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions regarding classes or life at Vanderbilt, feel free to contact me at

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