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What I’ve Been Up To

Mar. 3, 2019—Happy March Everyone! I’m home for spring break for the week, and it will be nice to relax, spend time with family/friends, and binge on the latest TV shows for a while. That said, I do still have to work on a research paper for my first year writing seminar; luckily, though, I’m writing about a...

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Uncertainty in College

Jan. 21, 2019—I came to college pretty sure that I wanted to be an engineer. Math and physics were always my strong suits, and along with my logical thinking style – as well as the rest of the people in my life saying how great of a career it would be for me – it just seemed...

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Lessons From My First Semester at Vanderbilt

Dec. 21, 2018—First of all, CONGRATULATIONS VANDERBILT CLASS of 2023! We’re so excited that you will be on campus in a short nine months and can’t wait for you to start your journey here. I know it seems like a long time until you throw your caps in the air, but try to enjoy your last semester...

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What It Means to Anchor Down

Nov. 19, 2018—College, much like life, is overwhelming. So much gets thrown at you in the first few months! You have to drag yourself to meals, meet and live with hundreds of new strangers, and figure out how to pass Gen Chem  – all without your parents. It’s so easy to get thrown off balance and feel...

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