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‘vanderbilt melodores’


Jan. 16, 2015—Back home in India, we did have several musical groups in my high school who performed during school events and annual productions. Yet, music was never truly an intrinsic part of my high school. Music at Vanderbilt is an entirely different story and the Vanderbilt Melodores have a major contribution to our unique campus culture....

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Sep. 22, 2013—The a cappella Melodore concert was a lot better than my corny pun!

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Chin Up, Anchor Down

Sep. 17, 2013—Luckily I have yet to succumb to the sophomore slump, and looking back at the last month or so, I actually could not be happier to be back in this place of intellectual and social vitality, where racial appropriation in the latest pop music video is typical breakfast conversation, and long nights are trekked in...

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The Melodores…Go on Tour!

Oct. 20, 2010—This past weekend the Vanderbilt Melodores acapella group traveled to my hometown (Apex, NC) for a tour of the Raleigh/Durham area. After a long but eventful 10 hour drive to North Carolina on Thursday, we settled in at my house and practiced a bit after dinner. During the day on Friday we performed at my...

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