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The Melodores…Go on Tour!

Posted by on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 in College Life, General Information, Music, Nashville, Traditions.

This past weekend the Vanderbilt Melodores acapella group traveled to my hometown (Apex, NC) for a tour of the Raleigh/Durham area. After a long but eventful 10 hour drive to North Carolina on Thursday, we settled in at my house and practiced a bit after dinner.

During the day on Friday we performed at my alma mater, Cary Academy, and were hosted by Deja Blue acapella for an acapella jam at Duke University in the evening. We had an absolute blast performing multiple times for the Middle and Upper school at Cary Academy and even conducted a masterclass, during which we taught the upper school chorus a song from our repertoire and performed it with them at the end of class. Later on in the day, we performed for the whole school; our setlist was very well received – the crowd energetic and very vocal after each one of our songs. Check out some of our pictures!

The performance at Duke was a lot of fun as well. We got to meet a variety of acapella groups on campus, including: Lady Blue, Deja Blue and Speak of the Devil. Meeting and socializing with other acapella groups truly is a bonding experience. The college acapella community is very friendly and always welcoming. I love acapella for the reason that it allows so many colleges to come together as one common interest group to bond, network and sing for good causes. The Melodores are working hard to make themselves more prominent on Vanderbilt campus as a way to bring our own student body together. Moreover, we are striving to make Vanderbilt better known in the acapella community all around the country by performing in many off campus gigs.

As a quick reminder – our CD is being finalized. The cover art is being touched up, licensing being acquired and mixes being perfected. Check out our Fan Page to pre-order. Not only do you get a CD, but also a FREE signed promotional poster! Become a Fan of the Vanderbilt Melodores to hear a sample of our CD (under the “Music” tab) and get more info how you can pre-order your very own copy of our debut album, “Rain Check!”

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