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Reflecting on the First Home Tailgate!

Sep. 23, 2016—When I sat down to write, the first thing that came to my mind that made me smile was tailgating that first Thursday!

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Post-Tailgating Season Depression

Dec. 15, 2015—When people ask me what the one thing is that I would change about Vanderbilt, I always have the same response: I wish tailgates were all-year round.

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Seasons May Change

Dec. 8, 2015—At Vanderbilt, every season is the best season.

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Of Procrastination and Homecoming

Nov. 2, 2015—It’s a cliché, but it’s true: College is definitely not all fun and games. I mean there is a lot of fun and there was definitely a game, specifically, the Homecoming game, but more on that later. The thing about college so far is that it hasn’t necessarily been impossibly difficult content-wise. The real issue is...

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Little Reminders…

Apr. 11, 2010—As a member of the AmbassaDores Executive Board (incoming El Presidente! Whoo!), I have spent a few hours every day this week sitting in on the selection interviews for our new class of tour guides. I love Vanderbilt and the AmbassaDores program so it has been really fun and exciting to meet the students who are...

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