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Little Reminders…

Posted by on Sunday, April 11, 2010 in Admissions Links, Athletics, College Life, Parking.

As a member of the AmbassaDores Executive Board (incoming El Presidente! Whoo!), I have spent a few hours every day this week sitting in on the selection interviews for our new class of tour guides. I love Vanderbilt and the AmbassaDores program so it has been really fun and exciting to meet the students who are going to be the new faces of Vanderbilt in the coming year. However, it has also been really fun because every time they answer a question in the interview, it reminds me of how much I love Vanderbilt and why I chose to come here in the first place!

READ ON if you want to see some of the questions and answers from the interviews…

What is your favorite Vanderbilt tradition? My favorite Vanderbilt tradition is the football games. Vanderbilt is in the SEC so we get to play a lot of the big teams like LSU, Auburn, and UGA which makes the games really exciting. Also, being a school located in the South there are some people who dress in their sun dresses and button downs for the game which makes for a really fun tailgating atmosphere. However, there are also people who paint themselves in black and gold and cheer on the front row. The games are so fun because people from all over campus come together for one event every Saturday and it shows the true community spirit that Vanderbilt possesses.

What do students complain about most at Vanderbilt? (long pause…)  I think that students complain most about parking here. They say that there are not enough parking spaces close to where they live. There are a few garages around campus, but sometimes they can be a far walk from your dorm. However, it is such a small hassle that we have to deal with; I can’t truly think of anything else that students regularly complain about here at Vanderbilt.

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