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Reflecting on the First Home Tailgate!

Posted by on Friday, September 23, 2016 in Football, General Information, Greek Life, Student Life, Traditions.

This is my first post of the year, woohoo!!! When I sat down to write, the first thing that came to my mind that made me smile was tailgating that first Thursday. It was a white-out, so instead of putting on the classic black dress, I wore a fun white romper in order to show my school spirit with everyone and still donned the classic cowboy boots-a tailgating must. And it was so much fun! I was also totally rushing from practicum (new post to come on that!) so I had one of the quickest turn-arounds ever to get ready to join my friends in preparing for the game!

Me and a sorority sister posing before heading to tailgates! The angel wings symbolize Pi Phi!

Although at this point (about 2 weeks in), I’d seen most of my friends already, it was amazing to just be out there with everyone again on Greek Row and at the football stadium, all of us on such an energy-high for the first home game! Picture blasting music coming at you from every angle, students decked out in white, Vandy stickers and face paint everywhere-how could that not be the best day ever? I also love how students wear stickers for all the campus organizations they’re involved in, it’s fun to remember how involved everyone is and how even though we all have such different interests, we come together every tailgate and are one body of students rooting for our ‘Dores.

Since it was a Thursday night game, the tailgates weren’t that long (everyone had class until late afternoon) but no matter what day of the week the game is, one thing is for sure: we will be cheering for Vanderbilt and we will be tailgating as long as we can!

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