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Shadowing 101

Jan. 28, 2019—A big part of being a pre-med student is seeking out opportunities to learn about the field outside of the classroom. One of the best ways to do this is through shadowing physicians. Shadowing entails following a physician around over the course of a regular work day, and seeing what their career looks like up...

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Jae Goes to Bolivia: The Miracle [Part 8]

Aug. 15, 2014—With school starting back up, the big question I ask everyone is, "What was your single greatest moment of the summer?" It's much more fun than simply asking what someone did over the summer and I get to hear about the exciting parts of people's live. My last week in Bolivia gave me my "single greatest moment."

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Jae Goes to Bolivia: Country Roads [Part 6]

Jul. 21, 2014—During my second week, my designated rotation was at a small general clinic out of the city limits. As the locals call it: el campo, the countryside.

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Jae Goes to Bolivia: Chagas [Part 4]

Jun. 21, 2014—Soon, it was time to get started with the program. I had missed my first two days due to the flight issues but I was all ready to get started. My first week began at "La Plataforma de Chagas" (Chagas Platform)

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A Whole New World

Mar. 28, 2014—On May 4th 2014, I will be making a once in a lifetime trip to the country of Bolivia where I will spend four weeks shadowing and learning the intricacies of rural and community health care.

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A window into the Future

Oct. 3, 2013—My experiences shadowing a Physician at the Vanderbilt Medical Center

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