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‘service organizations’

Vanderbilt Jargons Part I

Jan. 29, 2020—As promised in my first blog of Fall 2019, I have compiled Vanderbilt jargons. They are in different forms: acronyms, names, new words, and so on. They refer to a variety of things at Vanderbilt: places, food, student organizations, and so on. To kick off the jargon-focused blog series, let’s go over three jargons relevant...

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Fairs at Vanderbilt

Sep. 22, 2019—In the Japanese history course I am taking this semester, we went over carnivals at Edo—ancient Tokyo—which featured numerous shows (misemono). The discussion of carnivals reminded me to take a look at fairs closer to me with respect to time and space. Vanderbilt has a vibrant culture of fairs which inform and entertain. Here is...

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Volunteering at Vanderbilt

Apr. 18, 2019—Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk (write?) a little about the amazing volunteer opportunities I’ve taken advantage of here at Vanderbilt. As prospective students, I’m sure y’all have had a ton of volunteer experience in high school and want to try to incorporate that into your college lifestyle. I know that I sure did!...

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Student Orgs for Days

Nov. 7, 2015—“College XYZ has over 300 student-run clubs and organizations. If you can’t find one that you like, you can start your own!” If you’re a high school senior, you’ve probably heard some form of this declaration way too many times during an info session or campus tour. Colleges love to talk about how involved their...

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Leading up to Semester 4…

Jan. 7, 2012—Wow wow wow I did not know 2.5 weeks could go by so quickly! My winter break has been a wonderful mix of restfulness and keeping busy with different events! Get ready for a long post of catching you up on the past few weeks of life!

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