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Vanderbilt Jargons Part I

Posted by on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in Academics, Art, Campus resources, College Life, Culture, Dining, Extracurriculars, Food, Service, Student Life, Student Organizations, Studying.

As promised in my first blog of Fall 2019, I have compiled Vanderbilt jargons. They are in different forms: acronyms, names, new words, and so on. They refer to a variety of things at Vanderbilt: places, food, student organizations, and so on. To kick off the jargon-focused blog series, let’s go over three jargons relevant to my Vandy life.

Randwich (Sandwich at Rand)

Lunch with a Randwich

In lunch time at Rand Dining Center, the longest line is usually for the Deli booth which provides sandwiches, wraps, and hamburgers. I usually have a spinach wrap with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and ham. One may also get chips at the deli and grab a Rand cookie (chocolate chunk cookie). NetNutrition by Campus dining provides a detailed list of which dining facilities are opening and what they offer.

SLC (Student Life Center)

The SLC ballroom has various meanings to me. In this space, I supported a friend presenting her research at the Undergraduate Research Fair. I volunteered by set up the dinner and serving food to participants of the Diwali showcase. I explored volunteering opportunities in the Service Organization Fair and found Alzheimer’s Buddies which I decided to continue this semester.

the Honor Code Signing ceremony in the SLC ballroom

In the SLC, one may have coaching appointments in the Career Center and learn about study abroad in the Global Education Office.

Cohen (Cohen Memorial Hall)

In this building with a grand staircase and marble floors, I took my History of Art course in Fall 2019. One of the assignments was to analyze an East Asian art object, so I spent an afternoon doing a close reading of a porcelain bowl displayed in the atrium of Cohen. For people interested in spending an artistic afternoon on campus, the Fine Arts Gallery which Cohen houses is a nice choice. In the building, one may also have a quiet study space under skylights.

the atrium of Cohen Memorial Hall

These jargons come from shared experiences. Referring to things differently reflects inventiveness. Vandy jargons show that we are a creative community.

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