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‘road trip’

The Great Pacific Northwest Road Trip

May. 21, 2019—Hey pals! It’s finally summer, we made it! First and foremost, congratulations to all the seniors who graduated! We are definitely going to miss you. Secondly, congrats to everyone else for finishing up with finals! Hopefully, everyone has fun and exciting plans for their summer; whether it be studying abroad, taking classes, working, or even...

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Mardi Gras 2017

Mar. 10, 2017—Two weekends ago, I experienced Mardi Gras.

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Race to the Top

Jul. 23, 2013—Apart from Vanderbilt being located in the invigorating city of Nashville, it is also located in the great state of Tennessee. This great state is filled with plenty to do as long as you look around and are willing to go out of your comfort zone. This past weekend, two of my friends and I...

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Part 2 of the Epic Journey

Nov. 25, 2012—From Part 1…. Okay, fine…it wasn’t that epic. But imagine, place yourselves in my shoes…and Cassie’s: Target is a temple to convenience. It’s awesome to any first-timer. There was a Santa shaped teapot which I seriously considered getting. Anyway, on that note, we headed over to Loveless to retrieve my scarf from the clutches of...

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I’ve Got The Victory!

Sep. 24, 2012—This was our first road trip since I've been in Victory and I definitely want to do it again. We were invited to sing at an alumnus' church so we took the 6-hour drive there and back for less than 24 hours in Cincinnati...

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