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Part 2 of the Epic Journey

Posted by on Sunday, November 25, 2012 in General Information.

From Part 1….

Okay, fine…it wasn’t that epic. But imagine, place yourselves in my shoes…and Cassie’s: Target is a temple to convenience. It’s awesome to any first-timer. There was a Santa shaped teapot which I seriously considered getting. Anyway, on that note, we headed over to Loveless to retrieve my scarf from the clutches of the lost and found box. Were we successful? That depends on what you classify as success.

Where I come from, there is one road and you drive down on it and you get to your destination. Okay, of course there are turn-off and intersections, but here it is crazy because there are so many loops and different exits. Exits are categorized by numbers and letters! What? Simply put…we got lost. In the midst of our excitement for our purchases, we missed Exit (Random Number and Random Letter).

Before we knew it we were driving down winding roads through the hills of Nashville’s outskirts. It was so pretty, we got caught up in looking at the majestic houses against the backdrop of the gorgeous star-lit sky. Being political season, there were a multitude of party posters. We laughed a little, a majority were Romney/Ryan. I am not politically inclined, but we both clapped when we spotted an Obama/Biden poster. You have got to love the South!

Finally, we decided that we had been defeated and pulled over into one of the house’s driveways. Cassie phoned our other roommate Savanna and tried to get directions back. In the midst of all of this, two deer showed up. I was, as usual, overacting at the cute little animals and then all of a sudden: a giant rat was in the middle of the driveway staring at us. I was screaming: “Ratazana!” which means giant rat in Mozambique, where I live, and Cassie was halfway between laughing and still trying to concentrate on receiving directions. The rat looked like the RUOS’s from “The Princess Bride”; needless to say, we didn’t get the scarf and headed back to campus

The ROUS: Rodent of Unusual Size. They do exist.

after Cassie calmed me down. A week later: Scarf retrieved, no rats, safe journey. The secret: A GPS.

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