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‘Relay For Life’

Ready, Set, Relay!

Oct. 25, 2015—An inside look into one of Vanderbilt's largest fundraisers.

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Intro to Vanderbilt

Oct. 6, 2015—A survey of my first few weeks at Vanderbilt and in Nashville, with a focus on music. No prerequisites required.

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Hellooooo Blog World!

Dec. 24, 2011—Hi y’all! I took the semester off of blogging…. I had way too much going on, as I have often admitted! So… as I sit at home, recuperating from the stress of finals, blogging, drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music, I am going to share my reflections on the past semester with y’all....

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Too Involved

Aug. 24, 2011—The day after I swore I would not accept any more leadership positions, I received this email: “You have been nominated as President of Invisible Children- Vanderbilt. Do you accept?”‘

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