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Snow Day Shenanigans

Jan. 22, 2018—Last Friday, Vanderbilt cancelled classes due to weather for only the sixth time since 1873 when the school was founded. Being from Georgia, I did not expect us to get much snow at all even though all of Middle Tennessee cancelled school. However, at about 3pm on that Friday, snow quickly began to fall from...

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Welcome to Fall Break

Oct. 14, 2015—Midterms: check. Hello, fall break.

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Embracing La Dolce Far Niente

Dec. 29, 2014—The sweetness of doing nothing.

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Dinner and Downton

Oct. 22, 2012—A few nights ago, fellow blogger Victoria and I took a couple of hours out of the the madness that is our schedules to just relax, make dinner, and watch some Downton Abbey.

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Thanksgiving Break So Far…

Nov. 25, 2011—As Thanksgiving on the west coast comes to a close, I’m in the family room, sitting here by the fire watching Space Chimps with my little cousins and thinking about how much fun today (and break so far) has been!

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