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Dinner and Downton

Posted by on Monday, October 22, 2012 in College Life, Food, General Information, Studying.

A few nights ago, fellow blogger Victoria and I took a couple of hours out of the madness that is our schedules to just relax, make dinner, and watch some Downton Abbey.

At the end of last year, when Victoria and I were here in Nashville all by our lonesomes, we happened to get the first season of Downton Abbey from the Redbox machine at Harris Teeter, and proceeded to watch the entire thing in about two days.  On Tuesday, I realized that we still have a lot of catching up to do before we get to where the show currently is, so we decided to start watching again.

We both had about an hour and a half break between meetings, so we convened in my Morgan apartment and started up the show and made dinner.  We went to Trader Joe’s last Friday, and conveniently it was dollar pasta day, so we both had an abundance of pasta to cook–thirty minutes later, we were sitting on my couch, heaping bowls of cheese tortellini and sides of spinach sitting before us, watching the second season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Our dinner. It tasted a lot better than it looks.

What could be better than a well-deserved dinner-and-downton break after a long day of classes and meetings and work and before a long night of studying?  I propose nothing.  I love when I can squeeze in time for relaxing during the week, so that I don’t spend all week pining for the freedom of the weekend.  Hanging out with Victoria was like a little mini weekend packed into an hour.  Long story short–sometimes it’s just good to forget about that mountain of homework looming behind you.

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