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Weather In Nashville

Feb. 8, 2019—It’s no secret that coming to college your first year is full of surprises- especially if you move away from home and go to school in a new city or state. For me, moving from Westerville, Ohio to Nashville meant a big city, country music (unfortunately), new food, and a huge city to explore. What...

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How to Get Rich and NOT Die Tryin

Feb. 17, 2014—When I say the words: college student. what is the first thing that you think of? Maybe you're philosophical and all that and think: "the future." Me? Not so much. The first word I think of is poor. Poor College Student. These two go perfectly together, like teenage girls and vampires. Here is my guide to get rich but not die tryin'.

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The Last Nationals

Nov. 28, 2013—Being on the club soccer team has been a huge part of my time at Vanderbilt. Heading into the national tournament last week, I was acutely aware that it would be the last time I traveled with my team to Phoenix--you could say I was pretty emotional. I had a wish of winning the national title, but that wish did not come true the way I wanted it to--but not for the reason you might think.

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Rain, Rain, Come Again

Sep. 18, 2012—There it was: the perfect puddle. To jump or not to jump. Also, if you ever need a conversation starter with a Vandy girl, talk about rainboots.

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Its Always Fair Weather (at Vandy)!

Sep. 9, 2012—It rains one minute, shines the's how to deal with it.

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