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Rain, Rain, Come Again

Posted by on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

Disembarking a Vandy Van, I saw it there: the perfect puddle.  To jump or not to jump.

Although people think of the heavy clouds as gloom and doom, I love the rain, the free alternative to the sprinklers of our wonderfully manicured campus.  Everything is greener, the raindrops pitter-patter melodiously against the glass of the Peabody Library windows, and people pop out their massive umbrellas and colorful rainboots.  If you ever need a conversation starter with a Vandy girl, talk about rainboots.

This year, I invested in a pair of rainboots to stave off the stinky wet feet of rainy days.  Of course, that’s one of the bright sides to the rain: accessory admiration.  Hunter boots are all the rage, but there are other eye-catching boots ranging from ankle to knee high.  If you don’t own a pair of rainboots, Chacos and flip-flops also work.  For boys, try Timberlands or Asic’s waterproof shoes.  Or you can be like the girl in the upper left corner of the collage and just go barefoot.

People probably thought I was a bit eccentric, walking to class and taking pictures of their shoes.

Rainy days also seem to give me the munchies.  Some comfy spots where I could take a break from loving the rain, sitting somewhere warm, reading my Econ course pack, and sipping on some hot beverage are Provence, where you should taste their soup and bread combo; Fido, where you should try their delicious hot chocolate; and the Fireside Lounge in Commons where you can grab some hot chocolate from the Munchie; or my Mayfield, where I can drink a nice cup of tea under my covers..

Going back to the opening segment, to jump or not to jump wasn’t even a question. Perhaps I was much too enthusiastic or perhaps I misjudged the depth of the puddle or perhaps it was both, but a split second after my moment of glee, I realized that leaping into that glorious puddle might not have been the smartest thing to do.

See, I really did splash in the puddle. Also, see, I really do love the rain.

But even if my rainboots thus proved to be ineffective, for my socks were soaked, my feet were wet, and water had sprayed all over my shorts and shirt, I can’t wait for the next rainy day and the next perfect puddle.

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