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The One Where Matthew Talks about His Classes

Feb. 5, 2017—[Disclaimer: I don’t actually talk about Friends, I just wanted to have a catchy title.] Continuing the excitement from the previous article, I’d like to talk about academics and residential life (which isn’t nearly as exciting, but stick with me on this)! There has been plenty in this realm to keep me busy, but I...

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Mar. 20, 2016—  “If someone from admission was here to take a picture of this room for the brochure, they would.” The truth is that no matter how diverse a university brochure is, it never truly tells the multi-layered story of each 1,600 person Vanderbilt class. Each student comes from a racially and geographically diverse background. Falling...

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Blurring the Color Lines

Nov. 10, 2014—Do you prefer to date within or outside of your race––or do you care at all? Why? These were the questions posed to panelists at this evening’s event, “Blurring the Color Lines,” presented by NAACP and co-sponsored by the Caribbean Student Association and the Department of African-American & Diaspora Studies at Vanderbilt. I wanted to...

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Race in Review

Sep. 24, 2012—Have you ever seen the Amazing Race? This past weekend, we got the opportunity to live the experience by participating in an urban scavenger hunt called Challenge Nation around the city of Nashville.

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