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Fave Study Spots

Dec. 26, 2019—Throughout my time at Vanderbilt, I have experimented with finding the best places to study. I am an easily distracted person, so studying in my room has proved to be pretty unproductive if I really need to get work done. I’ve compiled a list of places on or around campus that have been my favorite...

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My new favorite study spot

Jan. 28, 2019—Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce y’all to my favorite studying place on campus: The Periodical Room! This spacious and well-lit room is on the 6th floor of Central Library, right at the heart of campus. It is always quiet, has windows, tables, comfy seats, and just enough people in it that it doesn’t feel...

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Of Procrastination and Homecoming

Nov. 2, 2015—It’s a cliché, but it’s true: College is definitely not all fun and games. I mean there is a lot of fun and there was definitely a game, specifically, the Homecoming game, but more on that later. The thing about college so far is that it hasn’t necessarily been impossibly difficult content-wise. The real issue is...

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But But But I’m Not Ready To Go Home

Apr. 1, 2014—Heather complains, makes more bad puns, and mentions something about puppies.

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