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Fave Study Spots

Posted by on Thursday, December 26, 2019 in Academics, Blair School of Music, Campus resources, College Life, General Information, Student Life, Studying.

Throughout my time at Vanderbilt, I have experimented with finding the best places to study. I am an easily distracted person, so studying in my room has proved to be pretty unproductive if I really need to get work done. I’ve compiled a list of places on or around campus that have been my favorite places to study:

1. Buttrick Hall classrooms
I love Buttrick, it’s probably my favorite building on campus. It’s beautiful and has so many classrooms to study in. Most of the time in the afternoons and evenings, the classrooms are empty and there is ample room to spread all your work out. There are blackboards in every room that are perfect for writing out things to memorize, from formulas to practicing Chinese characters. I have studied there for hours on end. Here is a link of what Buttrick looks like:

2. Starbucks (the one on 21st Ave., not West End)
The Starbucks on 21st avenue is more spacious than the one on West End and I love having a coffee-fueled study session. Sometimes I am more productive in a cafe because I get motivated by other people also working. This is a popular place that many Vanderbilt students frequent to do their work.

3. Divinity Library
Not many people know that the Divinity Library is open to undergraduate students. It is connected to the main Central Library and I love studying there whether in the public spaces with private cubbies or in a private room. It is always super quiet and personally, sometimes I need it to be extremely quiet to focus. It is right across from the Chipotle/Starbucks on 21st Avenue, so I can grab food or coffee if I need energy.

4. Central Library – 8th floor, not the first floor
Many students just study on the first level of Central Library, but my friend showed me that the upper floors of Central are just as nice/a little nicer. (it’s probably because there are more windows on the 8th floor which allow more sunlight to come in.) I think the 8th floor also has more seating and more comfortable chairs.

5. Blair library
If I’m lazy and don’t want to walk all the way to main campus to do homework, I just go to the Blair library which has plenty of tables and study cubbies. It’s also super quiet there as most Blair students are practicing instead of studying, so there’s always space. The only downside is that it closes early at 10 pm.

6. Upstairs Rand
If none of the libraries appeal to me, but I still want a quiet-ish place to study, I usually go to our main dining hall, Rand, but I go to the upper floor. There’s more seating and during the non-peak meal times, it is usually pretty empty because most people go to the library. I usually do work here if it’s just daily homework that requires only a little concentration.

7. The Wond’ry
Lastly, the Wond’ry, one of the newest buildings on campus, is also a great place to study. There are so many neat study cubbies and private rooms with whiteboards. It’s just a super cool place in general, you can read more about it here.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any more questions, please email me at

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