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But But But I’m Not Ready To Go Home

Posted by on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 in Academics, Blog, College Life, Exams, Freshman Life, Nashville, Student Life, Studying.

There is less than one month left in my freshman year at Vanderbilt.

WAIT, WHAT?! I jusssst got here. I remember my first day on campus in extreme detail. I remember getting lost on my way to Rand. I remember my first class on the first day of class. All of this feels like yesterday, not nearly 8 months ago. Time has flown by, and, not to sound hyperbolic, but my life has changed. I have formed entirely new friendships, and I have gotten the hang of classes. I am finally getting comfortable, right as my first year is coming to a close.

And frankly, I’m not ready to go home. Time keeps flying. While I am excited to see my family and my dog and my friends, I will miss my new friends, my radio show, Alice who makes a fantastic sandwich at Rand, and my long, yet beautiful, walk from Commons to Main Campus.

Before I dive too deep into preemptive nostalgia, I must face the future doom that is finals. These last few weeks will allot little time for me to mope about leaving Vandy and a lot of time for me to complain about all the work I have to do. However, this is the case with college and finals week. It’s no walk in the park (note the irony here because Vandy is basically a park).

As I buckle down to study for my econ final (taught by a certain Professor Buckles! HA!), lock down on my ethics term paper (taught by a certain Professor Lachs! HAHA!), and prepare for my French final (no joke this time), I will be reflecting on how amazing these past two semesters have been in order for me to keep smiling through finals week.

Also, there will be a puppy day on campus soon, so that will also help.

Essentially, what we’re looking at for the next few weeks is great weather, positive outlooks, and puppies. I think I can handle that.

My very serious "To Do" list for the coming weeks-Note my priorities

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