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The One Where Matthew Talks about His Classes

Feb. 5, 2017—[Disclaimer: I don’t actually talk about Friends, I just wanted to have a catchy title.] Continuing the excitement from the previous article, I’d like to talk about academics and residential life (which isn’t nearly as exciting, but stick with me on this)! There has been plenty in this realm to keep me busy, but I...

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The Road to Copenhagen

Oct. 21, 2016—A year ago, I would have told you there was no way I was spending one of my precious eight semesters as a Vanderbilt student away from campus. There were too many things to do at Vanderbilt, too many leadership positions in jeopardy, and too many friends I couldn’t live without. I couldn’t imagine walking...

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What is a Practicum?

Mar. 12, 2016—In short, a practicum is part of an education major’s curriculum at Vanderbilt in order to get hands-on experience in the classroom.

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Let Me Tell You About the Education Major

Oct. 11, 2015—Now that I’m in my second year at Vanderbilt, I have a pretty standard list of points to hit when people ask me why I love my school.  Campus during the fall? Check. Being surrounded by cool people? Check. Eating at Bamboo Bistro, our on-campus pho restaurant? Check. The overwhelming amount of opportunities to get...

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Teaching at Peabody

Dec. 9, 2013—I have recently realized just how little I knew about what it took to become a teacher before I came to Vanderbilt. I did not know anything about the steps that were taken, and the different nuances you could receive in your degree. I had never had anyone spell it out for me, so I wanted to give all potential future Peabody-attendees a summary of what to look forward to in the upcoming years...

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A Nashville Spring Break

Mar. 15, 2013—Most people leave campus for spring break and as such have epic tales of lands far away to blog about. I am here, though, to tell you all that spring break in Nashville can be fun! If you're an international student or don't have the money to travel, there's plenty to do...

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