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SAQ: Is there a Christian community at Vanderbilt?

Jul. 16, 2017—Dear Sophie, I’m an incoming freshman, and I’m wondering about the Christian community at Vanderbilt. I’ve never really been part of a youth group or bible study, so I’m not sure what to expect. What’s the Christian community like at Vanderbilt? I answered this question through this post, but I wanted to have more of...

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CC: Vanderbilt’s Christian Communities!

Jul. 15, 2017—Every Christian ministry is full of people searching too, and each ministry is loving and accepting. Find out more about them through the links in this post!

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CC: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Jul. 15, 2017—"The community is welcoming, joyful, and warm. It's the kind of place where people feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and be honest... flaws and all."

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CC: Ethos Church!

Jul. 15, 2017—One of the many churches in Nashville! "Ethos is a fairly young church of college students and young families, with laid back worship and strong Biblical teaching."

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