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CC: Ethos Church!

Posted by on Saturday, July 15, 2017 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Family, Family, Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville, Religious Life, Student Life, Student Organizations.

So many thanks to Mimi, Daniel, and Abbey for contributing to this post! I’ve never attended Ethos, but I’ve heard so many wonderful things. For more information, check out their website!

One of their many locations!

During the end of the year, I began attending Ethos Church with my family in my sorority (my grandbig works there)! It has been an absolute joy! I love the pastor here, and the worship as well. At Ethos, we have communion every week, and something called House Church, which is a small group of people who meet weekly at someone’s house to study the Bible together, have meals together, and walk alongside one another in faith towards Jesus Christ! I love House Church because you have a little community, and being in a house makes it all the more wonderful (I sure missed being in a home my freshman year!). I am in a House Church with my grandbig, who leads it, with a couple other Vandy students, which has been such a joy! I love Ethos as well, and it has helped me grow in my faith so much!
— Mimi Cole, Class of 2020!

Ethos is considerably non-traditional in terms of clothing and location. There are several campuses and I attend the Marathon Works location. I particularly love this church for its community and how the leaders stay rooted in the Word. I love messages that give wisdom, but when you can show what God has to say about a certain topic, it really helps answer a lot of my questions. The pastors are very approachable and point out their own struggles so that they can connect to the congregation, showing that they too are not perfect and that walking with God is a process.
–Daniel Rose, Class of 2018

Since my first year I have been attending Ethos Church at the Marathon campus. Ethos is a fairly young church of college students and young families, with laid back worship and strong Biblical teaching. I love getting slightly off campus for church every week (it’s about a 10 minute drive), and it’s a small enough congregation to feel really valued and welcomed there. A fun fact about the Marathon campus is that service is held at Marathon Music Works, a renowned Nashville concert venue that holds concerts and serves alcohol throughout the week. So I like to tell my friends and family back home that I go to church at a bar ;)
I got involved this past year by serving on the coffee team once a month, and I’ve really seen the value in being a part of a local church. I’ve gotten to meet young Nashville professionals and learn more about the city where I’m living from believers who call it home. While being involved in a campus ministry is really great and valuable, I would really encourage you to find a local church to attend Sunday mornings. It is so important to get off campus and be refreshed by being around older believers and away from the stresses of campus life.
Look for students from Navs giving rides from Commons Center Sunday mornings for the first month of classes to get a ride to Marathon or another local church and check it out!
–Abbey Roberts, Class of 2019!

If you need any more information, email me at! And make sure to look at all the other posts under “christian communities!”

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