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CC: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Posted by on Saturday, July 15, 2017 in General Information.

The following is from Emily Grinstead and Mimi Cole about RUF! If you want to learn more about RUF, check out their website! Make sure to also check out the rest of the Christian communities by checking out the Overview Post!

Social Event!

RUF stands for Reformed University Fellowship and serves as the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We have large group every Wednesday night at 8
pm in Benton Chapel
, which is at the heart of main campus. Small group Bible studies for each class also take place throughout the week, as well as guys and girls lunches with the RUF interns. Students have the opportunity to get involved by leading worship, serving on the prayer team, greeting and making nametags at large group, leading Bible studies, and volunteering in the Nashville community. Throughout the year, we’ll have weekend retreats (Fall, Winter and Spring conferences), our annual Hootenanny (barn dance), a Christmas party and other get-togethers. The community is welcoming, joyful, and warm. It’s the kind of place where people feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and be honest about how they’re doing, flaws and all. We are vulnerable with one another and truly want to get to know everyone who walks through the Benton doors each Wednesday night. RUF also has weekly service opportunities through a ministry called Isaiah 58, where students are able to serve the homeless nearby. Throughout the year, there are many other fun events such as a day of service and a summer conference.
— Emily Grinstead, Class of 2019

Towards the end of second semester, I began attending RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) through the encouragement of a Christian friend in my sorority. I had never tried it out before, and absolutely loved it! You might hear people talking about how much they love Richie, and those words are absolutely so true. Richie is the pastor who leads RUF at Vandy, and is so wise and kind! He loves getting to know students, so I would most definitely encourage you to introduce yourself and take the time to talk to him! He is such an encouragement. RUF has been such a blessing to me because I love Richie’s teachings and have a lot of sisters from my sorority who also are involved in RUF. It is a little more traditional in the worship, and I love the community there as well! RUF seeks to support you in wherever you feel led to pour out on campus, and you can be as involved as you want. It is a really great ministry!
— Mimi Cole, Class of 2020

If you need any more information, email me at! And make sure to look at all the other posts under “christian communities!”

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