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Asian New Year Festival: A Dancer’s Perspective

Feb. 25, 2015—Asian New Year Festival, colloquially called ANYF, is a massive dance performance held each year in Langford Auditorium to celebrate Chinese New Year. After performing in Diwali last semester, I was eager to get back up on the Langford stage in a shiny costume, so ANYF came at the perfect time.

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Billy Joel: My New Best Friend

Feb. 5, 2013—Okay, so he's not really my best friend. I did get an opportunity to see him last Wednesday in Langford Auditorium though!

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The Rude Mechs

Feb. 3, 2013—This past Friday night, my homework was to see one of Vanderbilt’s Great Performances, The Method Gun. Created by The Rude Mechanicals, the play was my first real experience with experimental theatre. I went in to Langford Auditorium with my expectations pretty low and am pleased to say that I didn’t hate it, although I...

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Spirit of Uganda

Feb. 27, 2012—Tonight, I ended up going to an event at Langford Auditorium, part of Vanderbilt’s “Great Performances” series. I hadn’t planned on going until my friends convinced me at the last minute, and I am so very glad they did. The Spirit of Uganda is the public face of Empower African Children, a foundation dedicated to...

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