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Holler Out to Houston

Jul. 12, 2014—It was only a twenty-one hour bus trip to Houston. As you know from previous posts and from Humans of New York, Dmitri always has to travel with me. We made it through the journey by napping most of the ride.

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Roaming the World

May. 11, 2014—We hereby graduated all the seniors on Friday and sent them off to change the world and make Vanderbilt proud. We might have shed a year or two seeing them all grown up. I am certainly not ready for those farewells yet, but I too am going off into the world! This suitcase-living summer is going to be packed with travels to Switzerland, Texas, Ohio, and Maryland, and then back to school we go!

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The Epic Airplane Saga

Nov. 26, 2013—“Houston, we have a problem.” At least, that is what I was thinking yesterday.

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The Break Begins

Nov. 24, 2013—Remember how much I was looking forward to Thanksgiving Break in my last post? Not to say that it's all completely over, but I've taken the past couple of days to wear my polar bear pajama pants and relax.

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Summer, Ho!

May. 7, 2013—Let me let you in on the happenings of this summer!

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