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Holler Out to Houston

Posted by on Saturday, July 12, 2014 in Art, Blair School of Music, College Life, General Information, Nashville, Summer.

It was only a twenty-one hour bus trip to Houston.  As you know from previous posts and from Humans of New York, Dmitri always has to travel with me.  We made it through the journey by napping most of the ride.

My sister T. and I had a blast living together the next three weeks and caught up on life.  We sold a lot of t-shirts and helped out wherever they needed us at Vacation Bible School.  I totally filled up my kid quota every day hanging out with all the super cute kids.

Of course, Vandy kids come from all over the place, and my recently-graduated friend A. and I got to meet up!  We took on the Houston Ballet and watched the most incredible performance of Swan Lake.  The perfect synchronization of the dancers, the beautiful costume designs, and the genius of Tchaikovsky’s music all lent to an overwhelming sense of awe and satisfaction.  Audrey and I were both a little breathless after the first act (and perhaps the second and third acts as well).  The synchronization of soaring from the dancers and the musicians inspired me to consider playing in the pit orchestra as a career option.  Also, I really want to attend more TPAC performances back in Nashville!

Selfie at Swan Lake during intermission.

We met up a few times with my friends K+S, who I had met at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival a few years ago.  Over dinner, we caught up about life, learned about their recent vacation to Italy, and played with their silly dog.  It made me a little nostalgic for all those late night meet-ups in college, just chatting about life over some warm dessert.

P.S.  Again I’m having computer issues, but I vow to post up more pictures when I get a new laptop in a few weeks!

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