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Summer, Ho!

Posted by on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 in Academics, Art, Blair School of Music, College Life, Family, General Information, Music, Nashville, Student Life, Summer.

I can’t believe that half of my college career is almost over.  My last final was conquered on Thursday, so voila, I am now officially an upperclassman.  I’m still recovering from the stress of Finals, so I’ll let you in on what is going on this summer.

Sam, Lauren, Tina, and I had the picture-perfect picnic at the Arboretum!

1. Dallas! While Vanderbilt’s graduating seniors celebrate Commencement from May 8-10, my sister will be walking across the stage to graduate from Rice.  Of course, that means that this week is Senior Week for her, so she’s off in New Orleans!  While I could have crashed at her condo for a week by my lonesome self, I thought it would be so much more exciting to hang out with my friends Trevor and Sam for a few days!

Here we are relaxing in Dallas at the Nasher.

2. Houston! Remember when I went to CCSMF last year and made awesome friends?  Two of them live just ten minutes away from my sister’s condo, so we’ll get to spend a magical day together!  Then, I’ll chill, but actually sweat a lot, in Houston for another week with my sister, who I have not seen in almost a year.  sister sister bonding time!

This is the lovely couple from CCMSF who I get to see again! So excited!

3. Home! Maryland, here I come!  Thanksgiving was the last time I was back in Maryland, because of the Vanderbilt Orchestra China Trip and BCM Spring SPOTS.  It will be good to be back in this state which produced America’s first umbrellas!

My sisters and brother! This is a really old picture, but I haven't seen them in forever!

4. NMF! A couple of hours away from my city, the National Music Festival is a two-week festival in Chestertown, MD.  This festival is going to be so fast-paced and fun!  We are going to be performing two concerts a week; that is a lot of repertoire and not a lot of rehearsal time, so we’ll really be giving it full force!

5. Brevard! Seven weeks of awesome!  Here, I’m going to be studying with Professor Wang, my professor back at school, and playing in the orchestra.  There is so much great repertoire and so much time to bond with other musicians and make some amazing music together!

Our Wang Studio of last year.

6. Maryland! Back home for a week or two before heading back to…

7. Nashville! Wow, I know that the summer is going to fly by and in no time at all I’ll be back “home” at Vanderbilt .  There’s going to be a BCM Leadership Retreat, then Move-In Day which I am so pumped for, possibly SEGUE which is the Blair-older-kids-meet-younger-kids and teach them the Blair ways, and then school, whoopee!

All of us girls will get to reunite when school commences!

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