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‘Homecoming Weekend’

Of Procrastination and Homecoming

Nov. 2, 2015—It’s a cliché, but it’s true: College is definitely not all fun and games. I mean there is a lot of fun and there was definitely a game, specifically, the Homecoming game, but more on that later. The thing about college so far is that it hasn’t necessarily been impossibly difficult content-wise. The real issue is...

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FOMO is real

Oct. 25, 2015—Vanderbilt Homecoming Week 2015... from Barcelona!

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Homecoming Festivities

Oct. 5, 2013—This week, my knowledge of what William and Kate named their baby (George Alexander Louis) came in handy! It was for Trivia Night in Rand, one of the awesome Homecoming events.

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My Taste of Home

Nov. 1, 2012—This past weekend at Vanderbilt was extra-awesome!!! But you won't know why unless you read about it here!

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