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Exploring Nashville

Nov. 25, 2019—Nashville is truly a busy city! There is constantly so much occurring that it is borderline impossible to be truly bored. Earlier this semester, I was able to attend the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival in Centennial Park as part of an extra credit assignment for one of my classes. It was truly a great experience,...

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Go Outside

Nov. 16, 2014—In an effort to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season, I’ve been on three separate service trips over the past few weekends. The first was through the Outdoor Rec Center, and the second was with the environmental student org, SPEAR. Trail Maintenance & Rock-Climbing This was a half-day of trail-maintenance followed by...

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The Bestest SeniorFest

Sep. 18, 2014—So many fun things happen on Alumni Lawn. From free Bradley's Curbside Creamery ice cream on Wednesday to the exciting opening Founder's Walk, Alumni Lawn is the place to be. Plus, they have perfect grass, so it's great for picnicking and corn-hole and all those nice things. Oh wait, we just did that at the Seniorfest!

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Kissam Pottery Party

Apr. 25, 2012—Three Sundays ago (I know, I know, I’m late.), my friend Shilpa and I got to paint pottery for free, thanks to a program offered to students that live in Kissam!

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The National Folk Festival

Sep. 4, 2011—This weekend was the 73rd National Folk Festival, and my friends and I went not once, but twice. The (FREE) event was downtown on the Bicentennial Capitol Mall, next to the farmers market.  I haven’t spent much time in this area of Nashville, so this festival was a great opportunity to get off campus. The...

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